The carving competition circuit pays well, but it’s commissioned work that offers the greatest challenge, exposure, and payday for the carver. This aspect of the art is what the show will focus on and Steve Blanchard will be our guide though it all.

The world’s top carvers come in to Steve’s base of operation, as they work together to stretch the limits of chainsaw sculpturing. We’ll employ enthusiastic chainsaw carver apprentices, local artists and craftsmen to accomplish our projects.

There will be no limits to the size and scope to these assignments with pieces ranging from inches high, involving the most delicate of touches, to massive structures that require the use of heavy machinery to create

We’ll get the wisdom from the old timers that pioneered the craft and the exuberance of the newcomers looking to make a name for themselves, not only through the pieces they create for clients but by bumping off veterans and rivals at world champion competitions.

The Chainsaw carving industry is full of attitude, high stakes, lost souls and new hope.

SAW DOGS takes you deep inside a world that few have seen