After closing his 6th skateboard park and with an impending heart surgery, at 50, Claude sets his sights on becoming the world champion of slalom skateboarding. Meanwhile, Jody, a quirky ex-high school shop teacher builds a homemade CNC machine from scrap metal and eBay parts and uses it to manufacture radical new speedboard designs. And Bricin Lyons, the catalyst to the recent explosion in popularity of downhill skateboarding, travels the world announcing skate races while sponsoring a young rider from his hometown who is climbing the ranks to become the worlds fastest skateboarder.

Once far removed from the hyper-commercialized skateboard industry, downhill skateboarding is now transitioning from obscurity into the mainstream. As these men fight to protect their community of rag tag skaters from corporate interests we delve deep into their world and realize that the personal stakes are exceedingly high. It’s fascinating to see the reality of their day-to-day lives as they gamble it all on their passion, travel to races all over the world and struggle to make ends meet. Director, Jaret Belliveau, has concocted a wonderful and compelling account of three grown men who refuse to give up.

Shot in a cinema vérité style with intimate and candid moments that may lead you to think this is a mocumentary, Highway Gospel is a humorous and at times heartbreaking multi-character documentary that strikes a intricate balance between rowdy and insightful while serving as a reminder that heartfelt stories can also be hilarious.

This is not your typical skateboard movie.