Wet Bum

It’s fall term in a small northern town: swimming lessons, hanging out with your best friends, new classes and new possibilities. But this year, things are different for fourteen-year-old Sam. Her friends are moving on, focusing on boys, experimenting with drugs, while Sam is too uncomfortable to even take off her bathing suit in front of the other more developed girls, leaving her behind and alone, with a Wet Bum.

Writer/Director: Lindsay MacKay

Producers: Paula Devonshire, Lauren Grant, Sean Buckley

Executive Producer: Tim Nye, Daniel Bekerman

Director of Photography: Guy Godfree

Production Designer: Rose Lagace, Lisa Soper

Costume Designer: Ruth Secord

Editor: Jorge Weisz

Cast: Julia Sarah Stone, Craig Arnold, Diana Leblanc, Jamie Johnston with Leah Pinsent and Kenneth Welsh